Radar Operations Delayed?

Local reports in late January noted that the operation of a new early warning radar system inTaiwancould be delayed until next year.

The United Daily News reported that land subsidence was causing problems to the construction of the site which will host the radar inHsinchuCounty, on the northwest of the island.

The operation of the new radar had been planned for November this year. There has been no word on the type of radar being installed at the site in Hsinchu County. However, the reports have noted that the radar being installed there is US-supplied. Although not official confirmed, it is entirely possible that the radar could be one of the Raytheon AN/FPS-115 PAVE PAWS systems which Taiwan purchased via a contract awarded to the company by the US Air Force Material Command Electronic Systems Centre in June 2005. The AN/FPS-115 is capable of providing early warning and space surveillance coverage.

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