AN/TPQ-53 Contract

Lockheed Martin has won a contract worth $881 million (€667 million) to supply  AN/TPQ-53 artillery location radars to the US Army.

Under the terms of this fixed-price contract awarded by the US Army’s Radar Product Manager, Lockheed Martin could deliver up to 51 systems

Also known as the EQ-36, this radar is expected to eventually replace the legacy 24km (13nm) range Northrop Grumman/ThalesRaytheonSystems AN/TPQ-36 and the S-band 50km (27nm)  range ThalesRaytheonSystems AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder systems currently used by the US Army.

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  1. AN/TPQ-53 – Query – Are we sure this is an X-band (8800~10680 MHz) radar. The development model (EQ-36) has been widely reported to function in EF-band (2900~3400MHz), and such a change over would have been expensive and probably seen a reduction in the target detection range, although the target discrimination might have improved at the high RF.


  2. Thanks for your comment John. I’ll edit this story to remove the X-band reference. Thanks again for your input and the clarification. We appreciate it! Have a good day.

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