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Cassidian has provided ChainHomeHigh with more details of its combined MSSR 2000 I air surveillance radar and Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Interrogator.

The company showcased its product at Cassidian’s TechDay in Wales on 29th February, and at ATC Global exhibition in Amsterdambetween the 6th and 8th March.

The firm told ChainHomeHigh that it is currently in the process of delivering two MSSR 2000 I radars to the Bundeswehr (German Ministry of Defence). These will be integrated with the Selex Sistemi Integrati RAT-31DL/M L-band 400km- (215nm-) range three-dimensional, deployable long-range radar, which have been delivered to Afghanistan to support the German deployment there.

To date 21 MSSR 2000 I Mode 5/S 500W Dual Redundant systems have been delivered to the German Ministry of Defence, providing a total of 42 interrogators, two of which (four interrogators) have already entered service, with the balance having completed their installation.

These systems work in tandem with Luftwaffe (German Air Force) long-range air surveillance radars, principally its four Hughes Air Defence (now Raytheon) HR-3000 E-/F-band, eight Lockheed Martin AN/FPS-117 400km L-band and six Thales GM-406 400km S-band radars.

The four MSSR 2000 I Mode 5/S 2000W Dual Redundant radars accompanying the AN/FPS-117 systems will enter service in 2012 and 2013. The two MSSR 2000 I Mode 5/S 2000W Dual Redundant systems which accompany the HR-3000 radar entered service in 2005 and 2006. The MSSR 2000 I systems accompanying the GM-406 to enter service in 2013.

All these systems feed radar information into the German Air Force’s MiRADNET radar network which then feeds similar information into Germany’s civilian RADNET air traffic management network.

In total, 350 MSSR 2000 I systems have been sold to 26 nations worldwide including Australia, Germany, France, Norway, Finland, the United States and the United Kingdom (see below).

One of the key attractions of the MSSR 2000 I family, according to the firm, is that the entire radar is housed in a single box. This box is able to plug into any eight-metre (26ft) antenna, with the whole system connecting to any air traffic control, or integrated air defence network using the ASTERIX radar data protocol.

Cassidian’s radar is designed to be a truly multi-function product, able to support a number of applications including IFF interrogation, secondary radar airport surveillance, and general air surveillance for transponder-equipped aircraft.

As an illustration of its diverse roles, the company notes that it has supplied MSSR 2000 I variants, namely the MSSR 2000 I Mode-5/S 2000W and MSSR 2000 I Mode-5/S 1500W single chain systems (see below) to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence . Several of these have been installed on the coast of the Irish Sea to provide air surveillance. Some of these radars have also been purchased for installation on Royal Navy warships.

To an extent, the product has been ‘future proofed’, and is Mode 5/Mode S certified, representing a low-cost method by which smaller airports and airbases can purchase a single secondary radar which can receive information from aircraft equipped with these transponders, along with aircraft equipped with ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) equipment.

The MSSR 2000 I can complement other radar at larger airfields and, to this end, is in service at the international airports of Viennaand Manila(both MSSR 2000 I Mode 5/S 2000W Dual Redundant systems – see below). The MSSR 2000 I still has space to evolve, and the company says that its software will be compatible with the forthcoming North American Next Generation Air Transportation System and the European Single European Sky initiative.

In terms of performance, the Mode S MSSR 2000 I family has an instrumented range of up to 613km (331nm), and can detect up to 1,500 targets across a 360º radius, 400 targets across a 45º segment of the sky and 110 targets in a 3.5º segment.

Cassidian's MSSR 2000 I combined IFF interrogator and surveillance radar showcased at the company's March TechDay in Wales,. (Copyright - ChainHomeHigh)

Six radars comprise the MSSR 2000 I family including the MSSR 2000 I Mode 5/S 500W and MSSR 2000 I Mode 5/S 1500W single chain systems, the MSSR 2000 I Mode 5/S 2000W variant and the MSSR 2000 I Mode 5/S 500W Dual Redundant radar. This latter product includes two of the single chain 500W interrogators, as does the MSSR 2000 I Mode 5/S 1500W Dual Redundant radar along with the MSSR 2000 I Mode 5/S 2000W Dual Redundant system which has two 2000W single chain 2000W interrogators.

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