New Radars For India

Israel Aerospace Industries’ Elta Systems subsidiary has announced contracts worth $106 million ($79 million) which it has concluded with India.

The company expects to deliver several radar products to the country’s armed forces, including EL/M-2288 three-dimensional (3D) S-band and EL/M-2106NG 3D tactical air defence radars.

The EL/M-2288 is available in two versions; the EL/M-2288MR which has a detection range of around 300km (162nm) for a combat aircraft-sized target, and the EL/M-2288ER which can see such a target at around 430km (232nm). This is achieved on the latter system by almost doubling the number of row elements on the antenna from 32 to 60. The instrumented range of the EL/M-2288 family is around 480km (260nm).

Elta Systems’ EL/M-2106NG is designed for battlefield air defence and can track up to 60 targets simultaneously. This versatile product can also be used as an air traffic control gap-filler radar. The EL/M-2106NG’s instrumented range is in the region of 80km (43nm), and it is capable of detecting a combat aircraft-sized target at 60km (32nm).

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