Colombia: Radar Procurement Plans

The Fuerza Aérea Colombiana (FAC) is to launch a procurement initiative to purchase new short- and medium-range air surveillance radars.

The FAC is expected to spend up to $440 million (€333 million) on the acquisition of new air surveillance radars, and is said to have shown an interest in acquiring Thales GM200 and GM400 three-dimensional systems.

The S-band GM200 has a surveillance range of 250km (134nm), and a ceiling of 80,000ft (24,384m) while the GM400, also an S-band system, has a detection range in the region of 470km (253nm), and a ceiling of up to 100,000ft (30,480m).

There is no word on how many of these radars the FAC may procure. However, it is possible that they may choose to split their purchase with the GM200s and GM400s each comprising half of the order.

The FAC is currently known to use Northrop Grumman AN/TPS-43 and AN/TPS-70 systems, and the

GM200 (Thales)

GM400s could replace these circa 450km (242nm) range radars.

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