Israel: Radars On Display

Israeli radar specialists Elta Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries, will showcase a number of products at the forthcoming Eurosatory defence exhibition in Paris. These will include the company’s EL/M-2138T Green Rock Counter Rocket Mortar And Artillery (CRAM), and EL/M-2026B Very Short Range Air Defense Radar (VSHORAD) products.

The EL/M-2138T can be mounted on an all-terrain vehicle and is a dual-band system able to detect artillery, mortar and rocket threats. Along with tracking these munitions, the EL/M-2138T can compute their launch and impact points. The EL/M-2138T employs an L-band radar to detect targets and measure trajectory, with an X-band electronically-steered array providing measurement and tracking. Customers have the option of choosing an S-band radar in place of the L-band system. The EL/M-2138T offers a 90º elevation, and a five nautical mile (ten kilometre) detection range.

The EL/M-2026B VSHORAD radar is a lightweight X-band electronically-scanned tactical air defence system. The company claims that it can detect and track a variety of targets with low radar cross sections including unmanned aerial vehicles, hovering helicopters, low-flying combat aircraft and even micro lights. Official literature from the company notes that this system has a range of 13nm (25km) with the detection of a combat aircraft-sized target possible at eight nautical miles (16km). The radar can track around 100 targets, has an elevation of 60º and updates every two-to-four seconds.

EL/M-2026B (IAI Elta Systems)

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