Show News: Eurosatory – Thales Rebrands Air Defence Offering

Thales has consolidated its disparate air defence activities into five distinct business lines which group together the company’s products in this domain.

During a presentation by Jean-Loic Galle and Alex Creswell; Senior Vice Presidents for Air and Land Operations respectively at the Eurosatory defence exhibition in Paris today; the company announced five distinct business lines for it’s air defence interests; namely Skyview, Ground, Control, Rapid and Star.

Skyview constitutes the company’s scalable air Command and Control (C2) product line. Skyview is essentially a C2 architecture which is used as the basis for the NATO-wide ACCS LOCS-1 (Air Command and Control System-Limited Operational Capability-1) air operations command and control system. Skyview is also equipping Tunisia where it is used as the core for the country’s Integrated Air Operations System (IADS) to secure the country’s air space. Mr. Galle added that the company hopes to offer Skyview to potential customers in Latin America and the Middle East, where Saudi Arabia is known to have an existential requirement for a major upgrade of its IADS.

The Ground segment of the air defence business covers the company’s Ground Master (GM) GM-400 and GM-200 air defence radars, while the Control segment offers the firms’ Control View and Control Master-200 systems which can be used for command and control of tactical air defence, and also to provide surveillance along with C2 in the case of the latter product which is equipped with an integral GM-200 radar.  The Rapid and Star business lines cover Thales’s Crotale Mk.3 and Rapid Ranger Short Range Air Defence and Very Short Range Air Defence products; and the firm’s Starstreak and VT1 surface-to-air missiles.

Thales took the decision to develop these five air defence business lines to streamline its air defence offerings and simplify its air defence business for its customers. Both Messrs Galle and Creswell emphasised that the company can integrate a number of disparate air defence systems, including Russian and Israeli radar and weapons systems, into the Skyview C2 architecture.

In a separate development, sources revealed to ChainHomeHigh that two of Thales’s unnamed GM-400 radar customers include the Chilean Air Force and the Royal Moroccan Air Force.

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