Israel: Iron Dome Update

Speaking today at the Eurosatory defence exhibition in Paris, representatives of Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems provided an update regarding the firm’s Iron Dome Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortar (CRAM) system.

So far, the firm has delivered six batteries to the Israeli Air Force (IAF). It hopes to deliver another four following the award of around USD680 million of funding from the United States government. One Iron Dome battery consists of a single EL/M-2084 surveillance and target acquisition radar, a command and control centre, plus between three and six launchers; each of which can accomodate 20 missiles.

Although the existing Iron Dome batteries have been deployed in the south of Israel to defend against rocket attacks by Palestinian insurgents, the IAF have performed training deployments in the north of the country. The IAF intends to be able to deploy Iron Dome batteries anywhere in Israel in order to provide full coverage against rocket attacks throughout the entire country.

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