India: Defence Acquisition Council Approves QRSAMs Buy

India’s Defence Acquisition Council has approved the purchase of a new Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) to replace the 2K12 Klub (NATO reporting name ‘SA-6 Gainful’) used by the country’s Army. It is now expected that a tender will be issued for a procurement of a medium-range system to replace these weapons. This will be performed under the terms of the Quick Reaction SAMs (QRSAMs) programme.

India’s procurement of a new medium-range SAM system will occur concurrently with the army’s replacement of its existing Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) platforms. The AAA replacement followed the leak of a letter in May from the Army’s Chief of Staff General VK Singh to the country’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh which stated that 97% of the AAA systems used by the Indian Army were considered unfit for purpose.


Published by Thomas Withington

Thomas Withington is a writer and analyst specialising in electronic warfare, radar and military communications.

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