Swiss Precision

Speaking at the company’s Medium Calibre Day 2012 in Switzerland on 26th June, Oskar Brodmann of Rheinmetall provided an update regarding the company’s Kinetic Energy Time Fuze (KETF) air-burst medium calibre ammunition.

The KETF is designed to release its payload of spherical subprojectiles in front of its target, which it can achieve within two metres’ accuracy. The munition can be programmed to detonate at the optimal point in front of the target via the use of a muzzle programmer.

The programmer comprises three coils; the first two coils measure the speed of the round, while the last coil programmes the munition to detonate at the optimal point based on the target’s position in time and space.

The KETF is available in several incarnations: These include the 30mm PMC308 round; plus the 35mm PMD375 which contains 860 sub-projectiles, the PMD062 which comprises 152 sub-projectiles and the PMD330 with 407 sub-projectiles. The company states that the KETF has been acquired for use with the company’s Millennium anti-aircraft artillery gun, the Skyguard combined radar and air defence system, plus Counter-Rocket, Artillery and Mortar (CRAM) platforms and is also delivered for the CV9035 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

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