Germany: TRML-3D/32 Update

ChainHomeHigh has been briefed by Cassidian regarding the modernisation of the company’s TRML-3D/32 air surveillance radar.

The company mentioned that the Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) which equips the TRML-3D/32 has been exchanged for a solid-state transmitter in the latest versions of the product. The TWT provides high power amplification of radio frequency signals. This has since been replaced by a solid state transmitter which reduces weight and volume.

Cassidian supply the TRML-3D/32 in three configurations which include mobile, fixed and transportable versions. The C-band radar has a range of 200km (107nm) and also comes outfitted with an integral MSSR-2000I secondary radar.

The TRML-3D/32 is in service with two NATO nations namely Lithuania and the Netherlands which each operate three systems, and also Malaysia which possesses two.

TRML-3D (Cassidian)

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