United Kingdom: SA-8 Radar Modernisation

The Air Defence and Air Traffic Systems Delivery Team based in the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence’s Defence Equipment and Support section has issued a contract notice for the overhaul and maintenance of the ‘Land Roll’ target acquisition and tracking radars equipping two ex-Luftwaffe 9K33 Osa (NATO reporting name ‘SA-8 Gecko’) ground-based air defence systems located at the Royal Air Force’s electronic warfare training range at Spadeadam, Cumbria in the northwest of England.

According to the MoD’s contract notification, published on 13thJuly, the work will cover the; “major overhaul and modernisation of two (SA-8) surveillance and guidance station systems and their host chassis; including a small spares package of Line Replacement Units.” The contact is valued at between €1.1 million-€5.7 million (£869,716 to £4.5 million) with the award criteria based upon; “the most economic tender”, according to the notification.

9K33 Osa at RAF Spadeadam (Wikimedia Commons)

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