Qatar: AN/TPY-2 Construction

According to 17th July report in the Wall Street Journal, the US Department of Defense will construct an AN/TPY-2 radar at an undisclosed location in Qatar.

The new AN/TPY-2 will join a similar system based in the Negev Desert, and one which has been installed in eastern Turkey. This latter radar has been active since 1st January providing ballistic missile radar coverage as part of the first phase of NATO’s European Phased Adaptive Approach missile defence initiative.

Raytheon’s AN/TPY-2 is an X-band, transportable phased-array air search radar. According to company literature, it can be used in a Forward Base Mode to detect a ballistic missile launch, or in a Terminal Based Mode to detect incoming missiles.

There can be little doubt that the deployment of the AN/TPY-2 to Qatar is intended to provide surveillance over the Persian Gulf regarding ballistic missile launches from Iran. The Qatar radar will form the third element of the AN/TPY-2 radar chain which is watching the skies for missile launches from northern, western and now southern Iran via the deployment of the system to Qatar.


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