Ireland: Air Defence Reorganisation

As part of a major reorganisation of the Irish Army, it’s 1st Air Defence Regiment, which is independent of the force’s current three-brigades structure, will partially merge into the army’s 1st Southern Brigade, headquarterd in Cork. This formation comprises the 1st Field Artillery Regiment as part of its order-of-battle. Elements of the 1st Air Defence Regiment will be subsumed into the 1st Field Artillery.

Other elements of the 1st Air Defence Regiment will be merged into the army’s new Northern Brigade at Custume Barracks in Athlone, in central Ireland. This base currently serves as the headquarters of 1st Western Command, which includes the 4th Field Artillery Regiment.

In terms of ground-based air defence weaponry, the Irish Army uses Saab RBS-70 beam-riding, short-range surface-to-air missile systems, Bofors EL-70 40mm anti-aircraft artillery and also Browning .50 calibre machine guns

Published by Thomas Withington

Thomas Withington is a writer and analyst specialising in electronic warfare, radar and military communications.

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