Russia: Second Panstir-S Batch By Year End

Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency reported on 19th September that the country’s air defence force will receive its second batch of Pantsir-S1 (NATO reporting name ‘SA-22 Greyhound’) combined Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA) and medium-range Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) platforms from the KBP Instrument Design Bureau by the end of the year.

This second batch will supplement the first batch of ten systems delivered to Russian forces in 2011.

The Pantsir-S1 is being procured to provide short-to-medium range ground-based air defence for the Almaz/Antei S-400 Triumf (NATO reporting name SA-21 Growler’) medium-to-high altitude SAM systems being procured by Russia.

The Pantsir-S1 will also replace the tracked 2K22M/M1 Tunguska (NATO reporting name ‘SA-19 Grison’) combined AAA/SAM systems which Russia currently has in service to perform air defence against low-flying aircraft and missiles.

Russia plans to eventually procure up to 100 Pantsir-S1 systems as reported in the February edition of ChainHomeHigh.

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