MBDA Announces SIMBAD-RC customer

European missile specialists MBDA has announced that it has won a customer for its SIMBAD-RC remote-controlled turret. The SIMBAD-RC can carry two Mistral infra-red guided Very Short Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) surface-to-air missiles.

Designed for all classes of naval vessels from patrol craft up to large surface combatants, MBDA has self-funded the development of the SIMRAD-RC commencing development in 2011 following the conclusion of the preliminary design phase.

MBDA declined to reveal the customer although it did mention, during a briefing on 25th September, that the customer has ordered the SIMRAD-RC to equip a range of vessel classes. There is speculation that the customer could be either the navies of Singapore or Saudi Arabia.

MBDA hopes to place the SIMRAD-RC in full production by 2014.

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