Russia – Surok Keeps Watch

Russia’s Radio Technical and Information (RTI) Systems Joint Stock Company has unveiled the ‘Surok’ (‘Marmot’) air surveillance radar.

The Surok is designed to detect and track targets using a small mobile radar. In terms of performance, it is reportedly capable of detecting and tracking a target flying at 656ft (200 metres) altitude at a distance of twelve kilometres (6.4 nautical miles). Targets flying at 3,280ft (1,000m) altitude can be detected at 20km (10.7nm), and those flying at 5,000m (16,404ft) at 50km (26.9nm) range.

The rationale behind Surok’s development was to design a mobile radar that provides 360º protection for critical infrastructure. Although there are several, deployable military products which can perform such a function, RTI Systems’ radar intends to provide this protection using a lower-cost approach.

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