United States: Space Fence Moves Forward

Lockheed Martin announced on 13th November that the company has submitted its bid to construct the United States Air Force’s Space Fence space debris tracking system. Space Fence replaces the existing Air Force Space Surveillance System.

Lockheed Martin will compete with Raytheon to build Space Fence. A selection of the successful bidder by the USAF is expected to occur before the end of the year.

Space Fence will use S-band radars to track up to 200,000 targets, including those as small as a tennis ball in size, at a range of up to 1,930 kilometres (1,042 nautical miles).

The value forthcoming contract is estimated at €2.7 billion ($3.5 billion), and the system is expected to be declared operational in circa 2017.

Published by Thomas Withington

Thomas Withington is a writer and analyst specialising in electronic warfare, radar and military communications.

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