The Sir Robert Watson-Watt Society of Brechin, southeast Scotland, has received a donation worth €12,278 ($16,108) to contribute towards its campaign to build a statue to commemorate the radar pioneer. Sir Robert was born in Brechin on 13th April 1892. The donation was made by Brechin Civic Trust.

The donation will allow work to continue on the design of a bronze statue of Sir Robert. Alan Herriot, a world-renown Scottish sculptor, is performing the work. This latest donation will allow the building a clay model of the statue. This will enable a mould to be constructed for a bronze foundry to cast the final statue.

Those seeking more information regarding the society’s work, or wishing to make a donation towards the statue project can find more details here:

Sir Robert Watson-Watt (Wikimedia Commons)
Sir Robert Watson-Watt (Wikimedia Commons)

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