Israel: RADA Graduate

Israel’s RADA Electronics Industries Limited has demonstrated the Counter-Rocket Artillery and Mortar (C-RAM) capabilities of its RPS-40 Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar.

Designed to provide protection for forward-deployed troops, the RPS-40 can scan up to 360º in azimuth using four radar panels, and up to 90º in elevation. It uses Active Electronically-Scanned Array antennas and has a hemispherical search range of 1.6 nautical miles (nm) (five kilometres) and 5.3nm (ten kilometres) for sector searches. The radar’s minimum detection range of 30 metres (98 feet).

In terms of accuracy, the S-band RPS-40 has a speed accuracy of one metre (3.2ft) per-second, a range accuracy of ten metres (33ft) and has an average transmitting power of up to 60 watts per panel.

Recent testing completed in Israel revealed that the radar was capable of detecting multiple incoming mortar and rocket rounds soon after their launch, thus maximising the early warning capability that it offers. For the C-RAM mission, the RDR-40 is able to perform both Point Of Origin and Point Of Impact prediction.

The company expects to perform additional tests of the RPS-40 in the coming months. RADA Electronics Industries has remained quiet on the radar’s customers, although it is thought that it will equip the Israeli Defence Force.

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