Russia: New 1L121 Variant

This year’s Aero-India 2013 air show in Bangalore saw Russian radar specialists NNIIRT showcase the export variant of its 1L121 mobile, three-dimensional air defence radar, known as the 1L121-E.

This vehicle-mounted system operates in the Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) segment of the spectrum, and is thought to have a range of circa 49 nautical miles (90 kilometres) when operating with 60º elevation. When the radar’s Field-of-View (FoV) is increased to 90º elevation, it is able to track up to 64 targets, although this brings a range decrease to around eleven nautical miles (20 km).

The accuracy of the 1L121-E is in the region of one degree in elevation and azimuth, while it is capable of performing electronic target classification. In particular, the radar is optimised for the detection of small battlefield targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles, and precision-guided munitions.

The baseline 1L121 radar is not a new system, having debuted in 2011. It is not clear how the 1L-121-E variant differs from the original baseline radar.

In terms of vehicles, the 1L121 has been seen on a number of different chassis in the past, including a MT-LB tracked vehicle and a GAZ-3937 four-wheel drive truck, although the version showcased in India was displayed mounted on a BTR-80 eight-wheel drive armoured personnel carrier.

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