New Saudi Radars

On 31st May, the United States Air Force (USAF) Life Cycle Management Centre published a Notice of Intent to Award a Sole Source Contract to ITT Exelis to provide Ground Control Approach/Precision Approach Radar (GCA/PAR) systems to the Saudi Arabia National Guard (SANG) via the USAF.

ITT Exelis’ offering includes the company’s GCA/PAR-2000 product and is also believed to comprise its TASR-2020 Tactical Air Surveillance Radar. These radars will be installed at a single SANG airbase.

The company’s GCA/PAR-2000 Ground Control Approach/Precision Approach Radar provides airport surveillance at a range of 30 nautical miles (56 kilometres) at an altitude of 8,000 feet (2,438 metres). It provides precision approach coverage at a range of 20nm (37km) with azimuth and elevation angles of 30 degrees and eight degrees respectively. The precision approach radar is available separately as the PAR-2000.

In the secondary surveillance role, ITT Exelis’ TASR-2020 Tactical Air Suveillance Radar can be used to perform air traffic management along with military ‘gap-filler’ coverage. With a range of 100nm (185km) when operating at between five and ten revolutions per minute, the L-band TASR-2020 has an accuracy of 0.15 degrees in azimuth and 275ft (83m) in altitude.

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