United States Of America – AN/TPQ-49 Purchase

The US Army has placed an order worth $221.8 million (€168.6 million) for the supply of up to 73 AN/TPQ-49 weapons-locating radars with SRC.

So far, the firm has delivered in excess of 500 AN/TPQ-49s to the force. The contract for the 73 radars, announced on 19th July, follows an earlier contract awarded in September 2012 worth $250 million (€190 million) to provide the maintenance and upgrade of the radar in US Army service.

The L-band AN/TPQ-49 has a detection range in the region of ten kilometres (five nautical miles), and has a point of origin accuracy of 75 metres (246 feet) at five kilometres. The radar covers 360° in azimuth and 0-30° elevation. The entire AN/TPQ-49 systems weight is 68 kilograms (149 lbs).

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