Nigerian Air Defence Modernisation Ahead?

Air Defence Modernisation Ahead?

The ambitious Total Radar Coverage of Nigeria or ‘TRACON’ initiative, which is modernising the country’s air traffic management systems, could also include the Nigerian military.

According to reports on 17th January, the military will need to procure new long-range air surveillance radar as part of the TRACON initiative. Mazi Nnamdi Udoh, the Chief Executive of the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency, which is supervising TRACON, says that the military has an outstanding requirement for new radar, and also air command and control systems.

Essentially, it seems that Nigeria will need to acquire an Integrated Air Defence System which will include the radar, communications systems and command and control equipment to allow the comprehensive surveillance of the country’s airspace. This, in turn, will need to link into to new air traffic management systems that are planned as part of TRACON so as to provide a comprehensive Recognised Air Picture that can be used by both military and civilian air traffic controllers.

However, there is no information as to when the acquisition of this air defence equipment could commence, or the level of funding available for such an initiative.

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